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Log drumLog drum

45061 Log Drum

The sound concept of our 6-tone drum is based on an F-Pentatonic scale. The Padouk playing surface ensures a soft and full sound for harmonious sound patterns that can be produced in variable beat sequences.

6 pitches, c’- d' - f' - g' - a' - c''
Padouk (Pterocarpus soyauxli), 45 x 15 x 15 cm

Recommended mallets: MA 102/103

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Log DrumLog Drum

The distinctive feature of the log drum is its warm sound and the easy access to melody and rhythm it provides. They were the first instruments produced in the history of Schlagwerk.


MA101 Rubber-head Mallet extra hard
Rubber-head Mallet extra hard
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Suitable for Table Tubes, Crashbox, Wood Blocks and Templeblocks

MA102 Rubber-head Mallet hard
Rubber-head Mallet hard
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Suitable for Wood Blocks, Templeblocks and Log Drum (soprano-tenor)

MA103 Rubber-head Mallet soft
Rubber-head Mallet soft
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Suitable for Log Drums, Skin Drums – an all-purpose mallet

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