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David AnlauffDavid Anlauff

David Anlauff

David Anlauff is one of Germany´s busiest drummers at present.

Since his return from the United States in the year 2010, he has participated in more than 15 different projects throughout Europe and offered a great number of workshops.
“Making good music, having fun and experiencing the personal freedom that only music can offer” are David´s main motives that make him sit down anew at the drumset every day.

So far, he has cooperated, among others, with Sarah Connor, Cassandra Steen and Adel Tawil live on stage as well as on TV.
Currently, he is an active ensemble member of the Abbey Road Beatles Show performances taking place in Mannheim. Nevertheless, we can hardly wait to hear more of this 30- year -“young”, ambitious and enthusiastic drummer in future.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and cajon player

Why Schlagwerk?

For me personally, Schlagwerk stands for innovative ideas that enable me to translate drumset sounds to percussion instruments in an unplugged context.

Favourite Instrument?

I get a fat sound from the bass cajon (employed like a bass drum) while using the cajinto played with fingers or Blastixs to substitute the snare: That just sounds great!

How to mic?

I mic up the bass cajon by putting a Shure Beta 52 or a condensator clip mic inside the instrument and an overhead mic in front of it. For the cajinto, I use a Shure SM 57 on a stand just as I normally do with the snare drum.

Musical Style

Jazz , Soul and Rock


Rocky Horror Picture Show (the musical luminary Frank Nimsgern´s band)
Abbey Road Musical (Mannheim National Theatre, Germany)
Good Rockin Tonite-Tour (the most successful Elvis Presley show touring Germany)
Uli Brodersen Quintett (funk jazz) and many more

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