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Anne BreickAnne Breick

Anne Breick

Born and living in Frankfurt, Anne Breick is a passionate percussionist.
During her study trips to Cuba and Brazil, she came to know and love the world of rhythms that is characteristic of these countries. Stylistically her focus is on Afro drumming, Cuban styles and Afro-Brazilian grooves but also on latin-funk, hip hop, soul and bossanova.
Due to her stirring temperament combined with exceptional intuition and sensitivity, she has become a much sought-after lecturer and music teacher at home and abroad.
Anne Breick´s main interest centers on the successful band KICK LA LUNA, with which she has already recorded seven CDs and performed at well-attended live concerts for many years.
Moreover, she holds a teaching position at the Frankfurt Universitiy of Music and Performing Arts (HfMDK), works as a percussion instructor as well as band coach and acts as a music journalist and event promoter.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist and team coach, lecturer (university of music)

Why Schlagwerk?

To me, Schlagwerk is the ABSOLUTELY BEST CAJON MANUFACTURER. The company excells in solid, precise and innovative technique, good craftsmanship and creativity

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perú “Black Eye”, Cajon Dual as well as Yambú drums


Musical Style

World music: ethno funk and bossa soul


KICKLALUNA – world music (7 CDs since 1992);;
TEN ON TONS – percussion on garbage bins and more (bandleader)

How to mic

I prefer using two mics if possible:
a) AKG –  a long swan neck condenser clip mic, phantom powered (C 416 / now 516), molleton inside; on the bottom of the cajon, mic pointing downwards // or as an alternative, boundary layer inside the cajon;
b) the flat Senneheiser E 606 (dynamic) positioned in front of the playing surface to mic up the direct sounds generated on the surface. The secret´s in the mix!

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