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Sven "ICE" Ehrhardt Sven "ICE" Ehrhardt

Sven "ICE" Ehrhardt

Whichever project he chooses to tackle certainly makes real sense. Consequently, Sven ICE Erhardt has already produced two successful publications: the instructional DVD “Drums Total” (in collaboration with Tony Liotta) as well as “Früh übt sich”, an instructional book for early childhood music education (both books have been published by LEU Verlag).
Apart from frequently cooperating with musicians such as Klaus Lage, John C. Marshall, Ken Taylor, Mike Landau, Jens Köhler, Lothar Krell, and many more, Sven ICE Ehrhardt has been very successful with the up-and-coming pop band “Mister Sushi”.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, percussionist, author

Why Schlagwerk?

The whole range of Schlagwerk instruments stands for quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovation. What is most important: The sound qualities of the instruments remain unimpaired even after years “on the road”, which proves their first-class fabrication.

Favourite Instrument?

My favourite instrument is the Snare Cajon used together with the Heck Stick and, of course, the Bass Cajon, which I use as a bass drum with a bass drum pedal.

Musical Style

I prefer playing pop, rock, latin and jazz.


Current band: MISTER SUSHI; workshops mainly in Germany, drumset and percussion teacher at the Staatliche Musikschule Nordhausen

How to mic

For both live performances and studio situations, I prefer to mic up the playing surface of my cajon using either a Beyerdynamik “Opus 66” or the “TG – X 47”. For the sound hole at the backside I use “Opus 99”.

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BC462 2inOne Bass Cajon
2inOne Bass Cajon
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SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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CP430 Cajon 2inOne "deluxe" Wenge
Deluxe Wenge
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