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Cristiane GavazzoniCristiane Gavazzoni

Cristiane Gavazzoni

Cristiane was born in Curitiba / Brazil and studied percussion at Paraná University of Music.
From 1998 until 1999, she was a member of the “Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica de São Paulo”.
Afterwards, she moved to Mainz in Germany in order to first study classical drumset at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory and, later on, jazz and popular music at Mannheim University of Music. She graduated as master of music.

As a percussionist and drummer, Cristiane has played with various bands and ensembles all over the world: the HR Big Band (concerts and CD recordings), SWR Big Band, Wiesbaden Staatstheater, Burgfestspiele in Bad Vilbel (Harry & Sally), the casting show “Popstars”, a TV production of the German television station PRO Sieben, RNF Comedy Pfingstweide, Capitol Mannheim (“Legende von Bomber und Rose”), Rheinisches Collegium Musicum Wiesbaden (marimba solo performances), Nationaltheater Mannheim, Nativa Brasileira Band (touring Japan in 2008).
At Mainz Conservatory, she worked as a music pedagogue teaching classical and popular music to children, adults and handicapped students from 2001 until 2006. Since the year 2007, she has been a percussion and drumset teacher at the Trommelpalast Mannheim.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, percussionist, pedagogue

Why Schlagwerk?

For me personally, the two most fascinating aspects about Schlagwerk instruments are their quality and their sound.

Favourite Instrument?

Udu and Cajon la Perù

Musical Style

World music, jazz and classical


Nationaltheater Mannheim
Nativa Brasileira Band
Cocada Band

How to mic?

I mic up the Udu drum with an AKG microphone mounted at the hole. For the cajon I use a condensator percussion microphone on a stand in front of the instrument plus an AKG clip mic attached to the backside of the cajon.

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