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Christoph Haas Christoph Haas

Christoph Haas

After having grown up with European classical music, Christoph Haas studied in West Africa, Latin America and South India, where he took frame drum classes with Glen Velez (USA), Samir Essahbi (Morocco) as well as T.R. Sundaresan and P. Nandakumar (India).
Applying traditional and innovative playing techniques to a wide range of instruments, he creates multifaceted and brillant sounds. His compositions bridge the gap between orient and occident, between old and new music. They are characterized by complex polirhythmic structures, many times in odd meters, and his differentiated approach to the use of tone colors and overtones.

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Professional Activities

Multi-percussionist, composer

Why Schlagwerk?

Outstanding quality, likeable and friendly people who have an open ear for suggestions and proposals

Favourite Instrument?

Gongdrum, Gome, Frame Drums

Musical Style

Together with Banda Maracatu: Afro, Brazilian, Cuban
Together with Ensemble Cosmedin: contemporary music and medieval sacred music
Solo performances: own compositions


Banda Maracatu, Ensemble Cosmedin, solo percussion performances


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Frame Drums Traditional

Frame Drums TraditionalFrame Drums Traditional

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Frame Drums Natural

Frame Drums NaturalFrame Drums Natural

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Frame Drum Add-Ons

Frame Drum Add-OnsFrame Drum Add-Ons

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