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Pitti HechtPitti Hecht

Pitti Hecht

Born in Hanover in 1965 into a very musical environment, PITTI started giving drum lessons at the age of 15 in order to finance his own studies.
Today, he works as a drum instructor in more than 30 countries giving lessons to all kinds of people, from teachers and managers to housewives and children. Up to the present day, he has been able to inspire more than 10,000 students for the art of drumming. At the same time, PITTI works as an author and has already been involved in the publication of more than 60 specialist magazines, books, CDs and DVDs.
During his artistic voyage in the course of the last few years, PITTI has received a great number of prizes and awards; yet he has been particularly pleased with having scored a Guiness Book of Records entry. As the first underwater percussionist ever, PITTI played the drums at a depth of 28 meters (amost 92 feet) among lots of fish and divers!!!

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Professional Activities

Percussionist and drummer

Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk manufactures all kinds of most beautiful wooden drums: lovingly handcrafted, innovative in design and unmatched in sound quality.

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Musical Style

All kinds of music because you can play the drums anytime and everywhere!!

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Burl veneer
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RTS 61 tunable, incl. cross frame
Frame drum RTS 61
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