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Arne HegerArne Heger

Arne Heger

Growing up I sang a lot, played the drums and quite a few different melody instruments. As an adult music is still part of my life: As a Radio-Journalist there is no day without music. Many years ago at the theatre and today as a musician touring around I could not live with our music in all its shapes and coulours. Since the year 2000 I have been touring with my FunFolk-Trio Duivelspack as a singer, flute player and of course as a percussionist.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

I decided to play Schlagwerk-instruments, because no one else had an instrument that suited my needs. I found Schlagwerks Move Box highly innovative and with it found what I was looking for: A cajon I could play while moving around.

Favourite Instrument?

The Move Box and a 2inOne Bass Cajon with a Bassdrum-Pedal.

Musical Style




How to mic

Move Box: Shure Beta 91 A für den Bass, für „Snare“ und Heckstick ein Audio Technica PRO 35.
2inOne Bass Cajon: Shure Beta 91 A

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Affiliated artistsAffiliated artists

Kosack, TimKosack, Tim



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Endorser playsEndorser plays

SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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CAP100 Cajon Pedal incl. base plate & bag
Cajon Pedal
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MB110 Move Box - the Walk Cajon
Move Box
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CCA30 Cajon Cabasa
Cajon Cabasa
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CP582 Super Agile Rustique
Super Agile Rustique
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