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Knuth Jerxsen Knuth Jerxsen

Knuth Jerxsen

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Professional Activities

Percussionist, groove support, recorder …

Why Schlagwerk?

Their instruments offer wonderful possibilities of adding a touch of warmth to electronic sounds and to create the basics when performing with small ensembles

Favourite Instrument?

Crashbox and Yambú


Musical Style

Each and every style that flatters the ear

Bands/Projects, u.b.a.c. (urban beat action circus),
World Music together with Finn Martin, Frank Kirchner Project

How to mic

I´ve had real good experiences with boundary layer mics which I use for the cajon, especially the bass cajon played with a bass pedal; since this cajon is open at the front it can also be used to mic up the djembe, … plus the best overheads (Neumann).


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Endorser playsEndorser plays

YD442 Yambú Peruano Skinwood black
Yambú Peruano
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YD444 Yambú Travel Skinwood black
Yambú Travel
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YD445 Yambú Travel solo Skinwood red
Yambú Travel solo
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