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Markus KeilMarkus Keil

Markus Keil

“An alien in hard rock”
… inquiring looks ….shock … no drumset??? Rock´n´roll??? What now???
Standard question:”Where´s your drummer?” – As a cajon player, you are initially regarded as a freak in the hard rocking genre, a freak drumming on a “hamster cage”. “What´s that?” New. Unique. Creative. “Does it rock?” You bet!

Less is more – even when it comes to rock music. Groove – that´s all a powerful song needs. Since 2008, I have been travelling the rougher and tougher fields of rock music applying this recipe together with the band The Smack Ballz. And we have so far performed at all the important festivals in this genre: Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, With Full Force, Bang Your Head, Rock Hard and so on. Moreover, we have accompanied a rock´n´roll reading tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we have played at the Frankfurt Music Fair. Today´s probably most unusual rock music combo rocks the country with a cajon, an accordion and a Flying V. See you live!

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Professional Activities

Drummer and cajon player

Why Schlagwerk?

Some companies simply manufacture boxes, Schlagwerk creates sounds.
A small company with great products – their cajons simply bang!

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perù in funky skinwood or pure beech – Ca…voom!

Musical Style

Rock/Metal Percussion


The world's 1st percussion based rock band - THE SMACK BALLZ

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