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Klaas MaximilianKlaas Maximilian

Klaas Maximilian

Born June '93 in Hagen, Western Germany Max shifts from drums to percussion in 2005 trained by his musical mentor Rhani Krija who has played the world with Sting, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Herbie Hancock etc.

Max' extraordinary talent leads him to performance on stage and in the studio with artists such as Stefan Raab, WDR Big Band, Dominic Miller, Volkan Bayder, Onita Boone, Mellow Mark, Henrik Freischlader, Frank Itt, Claus Fischer, Armin Rühl, Roland Peil and others.
He received the WDR Jazz Preis Award attending the BundesJazzOrchester and joined them on an extensive tour through India.

My musical background is based on oriental music " Max replies asking him about this remarkable and unique style, and adds " combining this with pop, soul or any other kind of music generates new and interesting richness of tones ".

Needless to say Max feels at ease with afro-cuban or latin rhythms also.
Max lives near to Dortmund, Western Germany and is proud to be endorsed by Meinl Percussion, Schlagwerk Percussion and pro.mark.

Max has toured/recorded with:
WDR Big Band, Henrik Freischlader, Royal Street Orchestra, Madcon, Andreas Bourani, Melissa Heiduk, Edita Abdieski, Sydney Youngblood, Wolf Codera, Mellow Mark, Mohammed Rheda, Ralph Valenteano, Peilomat, Phisbacher and many more.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk instruments always guarantee a great sound whatever musical style I perform in. Their immense variety in sound is another decisive reason for my playing Schlagwerk instruments.

Favourite Instrument?

My favourite cajon is Cajon La Perú® (burl wood). Very frequently, I also use the Cajonito because it easily integrates into my setup as well as Udu drums and Frame Drums, especially when playing in studios and while touring with the BundesJazzOrchester (directed by Steffen Schom) and the Royal Street Orchestra.

Musical Style

Jazz, pop, soul, hip hop, acoustic music, experimental music.


BundesJazzOrchester, WDR Big Band, Béatrice Thomas, Royal Street Orchestra, Paris Roubaix, Schäl Sick Brass Band

How to mic

For my cajon, I most frequently use a Sennheiser boundary layer. I mic up my Udu and Frame Drums with overheads or a clamp mic.

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