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Kosack, TimKosack, Tim

Kosack, Tim

One name, one aim.
His aim is for music to be full of emotion, passion and soul.
As a drummer, producer and composer he is living the dream.
His love for high sound quality drawn him to Schlagwerk. Whether it is recording in studio or live on stage his cajon "Super Agile Rustique" follows him everywhere.
Tim's performance and talent as a drummer can be seen on stage with Hannah Jaha, Toby Breitenbach, Pop History and SWR1 with "The Jukebox Heroes".

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Professional Activities

Drummer, Percussionist, Producer

Why Schlagwerk?

Tradition, innovation and quality!

Favourite Instrument?

Super Agile Rustique Cajon, Heck Stick, Cajon Cabasa

Musical Style

Rock, Pop


SWR1 Hitparadenband „The Jukebox Heroes“ , Pop-History, 80Grad, Toby Breitenbach, Hannah Jaha

How to mic

Boundary Microphone inside the cajon and a Microtech Gefell M300, or Shure SM57 in front (for Heckstick and Cajon Add-ons)

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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CAP100 Cajon Pedal incl. base plate & bag
Cajon Pedal
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MB110 Move Box - the Walk Cajon
Move Box
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CCA30 Cajon Cabasa
Cajon Cabasa
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CP582 Super Agile Rustique
Super Agile Rustique
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