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Rhani KrijaRhani Krija

Rhani Krija

A native of Morocco, Rhani Krija got into touch with many different North African music styles throughout his childhood. Just by listening and experimenting, he laid the foundations for his present work. When he was a teenager, he already collaborated professionally with renowned musicians of the traditional Moroccan music scene.
Very early did he make a big name for himself due to his particular feeling for traditional Arab and North African rhythms as well as his understanding of latin, blues, reggae and pop music.
His path took him first to France and then to Cologne, where he is presently living. At the same time, he can (and could) be heard and seen in international TV programmes and at jazz and world music festivals around the globe.
Many international music stars have crossed Rhani Krija´s path, but the decisive moment came in 2003 when he was assigned the task of recording all the percussion tracks for Sting´s album “Sacred Live”.
The common studio project led to a long-term friendship and musical cooperation that both have lasted until today.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

At first it was the quality – then I detected some kind of personal identity in the sound.Then I fell in love with the instruments, and now I am hooked on Schlagwerk products, which, in my opinion, are indispensable when it comes to “honest” hand-made music.

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon Fineline or la Perú, but also the Cajinto Snare, Frame and Udu Drums, Shakers, Jingle Sticks, Sizzle Board … and so on.

Musical Style

Pop music, world music, rock, jazz – any kind of music that is fun and pays well!!


Sting, Dominic Miller, Herbie Hancock, WDR Big Band, Xavier Naidoo, Wolfgang Niedecken and many more

How to mic

With pleasure and pride do I use Sennheiser Microphones. On my tours with Sting and for the concerts with Dominic Müller, I have always employed the boundary layer for the cajon. For the Udu Drum I use clip mics (condenser); the rest is miked up with overheads.

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

Frame Drums Traditional

Frame Drums TraditionalFrame Drums Traditional

view range

view range

CP605 comfort Morado
Comfort Morado
view product

view product

CC202 Cajinto Roland Peil Signature
Cajinto Roland Peil
view product

view product

RTS 51 tunable, incl. cross frame
Frame drum RTS 51
view product

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Rhani Krija - Percussion Workshop - OFFICIAL TRAILER -Rhani Krija - Percussion Workshop - OFFICIAL TRAILER -

Check out the official trailer for Rhani Krijas upcoming percussion workshop episodes!


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Cajon and more / Rhani Krija / Kuala LumpurCajon and more / Rhani Krija / Kuala Lumpur

Event venue:

JS Music SDN BHD 133. Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Rhani Krija


Call: (+60) 03-21444555

While our endorser Rhani Krija is on tour with Maher Zain he will do this workshop at our Malaysian partner JS MUSIC on Sunday Afternoon from 2p.m. to 4p.m.

Free Admission

50 seats only

first come first serve

refreshment provided


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