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Thando MafejeThando Mafeje

Thando Mafeje

Thando Mafeje, born in Cape Town / South Africa, started his musical career with the band “Intsika-Ya-Afrika”. As a marimba player, he traveled the seven seas and performed for the whole world with the traditional marimba band “Abakhaya”, but also for Gladys Knight and others.
After his sound engineering studies at the renowned Cape Audio College in South Africa, love and music led  him to Germany, where he met Frank Heydthausen and Nesa Sarbaic of “socialplastic” at an event. It quickly became obvious that everybody who possesses a passport with more than two blank pages is always welcome within the ranks of “socialplastic”. And so it happened that Thando Mafeje became a member of the band that very same evening. The incredible vigour of his performance coupled with a kind of virtuosity that probably stands unrivalled throughout the world can merely be topped by his love of music.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Great wood, great workmanship, great sound. The broad range of Schlagwerk instruments offers me the possibility of expressing myself whichever mood I´m in.

Favourite Instrument?

From the Booster Set to the Cajon up to the Krix – not a single day in the trained marimba player Thando Majeje´s life goes by without his discovering something new among the huge variety of Schlagwerk products. The Balafon is fantastic, but it it the Yambú set which has been most fun for me since I spotted it at the Frankfurt Music Fair.

Musical Style

Just music!


After traveling the world together with the South African band “Abakhaya”, I am now a permanent member of the band “socialplastic”. Since May 2010, I have been working as producer for the “Bureau of National Anthem”.

How to mic

In live and studio situations, I use a broad variety of bm microphones. Boundary layer inside the cajon, large diaphragm behind the sound hole, separately miking up the snare sound. The RBM 14 (passive ribbon mic) is my preferred choice. Another cheap and simple possibility of miking up the cajon under difficult and noisy acoustic conditions is the use of the clip microphone Audio Technica 8533X.

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KRIX10 Krix - The Rhythm Step
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YD442 Yambú Peruano Skinwood black
Yambú Peruano
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