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Jochen MetzeJochen Metze

Jochen Metze

The Münster-born drummer and percussionist Jochen Metze studied at the Enschede Conservatory, among others with Danny Sahupala, Hans Dekker and Nippy Noya. Since his graduation from the academy, he has already played together with various rock, pop and jazz bands.

Additionally, he works as a drumset and cajon teacher at the Roxel Music School e.V., the Münster Friedensschule and the Münster-based drum school “Drumbeat-Schlagzeugschule”.

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Professional Activities

Drummer & Percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Excellent sound, fine craftsmanship, classy looks, made in Germany

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perù


Musical Style

Rock, pop, jazz


MARATON - „party time - excellent“ (

DIE KRÖNUNG – cover songs unplugged (

TRITON – finest jazz standards (

JURI ARTAMONOV TRIO – conceptual program „Moskauer Fenster“ (

How to mic

I use an AKG C 418 clip mic – it works great…

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CP4005 Beechwood
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CP4007 Burl veneer
Burl veneer
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TA3 Cajon carry case
Cajon carry case
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TA12 cajon rucksack
Backpag for Cajon
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