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Uli MoritzUli Moritz

Uli Moritz

Ulrich Moritz was born on the North Sea Coast in 1953 and grew up near the North Sea and in Berlin. He has been an enthusiastic drummer since he turned 14 and also took private classes for cello, drumset, percussion and mallets.
After graduating from grammar school, he studied Fine Arts and German Philology in Berlin. During his studies at University, he played the drums in various bands.
He has worked as a professional drummer and percussionist for 30 years now and has played concerts from Estonia to New York, from Sweden to Tunesia, from Bejing to Istanbul.
Presently, Uli Moritz works as a university lecturer for the disciplines of jazz drumming, music education and music therapy. As a travelling tutor, he offers workshops on the following topics: Rhythms of the World, Rhythm Pedagogy, Improvisation, Body Percussion. He has written articles and several books on rhythm pedagogy.
So far, he has participated in the recordings of about 100 albums in cooperation with Mikis Theodorakis, Jocelyn B. Smith, Lauren Newton, Friedemann, Zülfü Livanelli, Meike Goosmann, Wu Wei and many more.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, percussionist, rhythm coach

Why Schlagwerk?

High-quality instruments, good sound, aesthetic design, manufactured to last and fair price.
30 years of great rapport with Marianne and Gerhard Priel; friendly and competent staff who are always approachable.

Favourite Instrument?

I frequently use cajons, skin udu drums and frame drums secured on stands.
My favorite instrument is the Fineline Cajon.

Musical Style

Jazz , world music


Liquid Soul (world music / jazz trio and quartet)
Duo Wu Wei + Moritz
solo performances


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