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Bene Neuner

Bene Neuner's appointment diary is always booked up - for good reason.
Apart from being a highly professional as well as experienced and versed musician, Bene Neuner is a very likeable person. Even while still receiving a most qualified musical training, he was already booked for performances on major stages at home and abroad, accompanying artists such as: Elli (DSDS), Claudia Koreck, Me & The Heat, Peter Freudenthaler & Volker Hinkel (Fools Garden), Martin Engelien (Klaus Lage), Jürgen Dahmen (MD Harald Schmidt Band), Schrader (Guildo Horn), Dennis Hormes, to name just a few.

For some years, Bene Neuner has been touring Germany together with the all-star band “menschenkinder” performing at big festivals. Since 2010, the Stuttgart-born drummer has played and toured the country together with the bands “My Little Tramp” (2010 - 2011) and “soulyla”.

In parallel to his work as a live and studio musician, Bene Neuner regulary offers cajon workshops to attend to the needs of young talents and up-and-coming drummers.

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Professional Activities

Live and studio drummer / percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Well-balanced perfect sound, excellent craftsmanship combined with attention to detail, innovative perfection “made in Germany”

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perú® / burl wood


Musical Style

Pop, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Blues


“My little tramp”, “Elli”,  “Menschenkinder”, “Lounge Experience”, “Hot´n´cool”

How to mic

For the Booster Set I use a classic boundary layer inside the bass cajon, two overhead condensers and an SM 57 over the Cajonito.


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