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Roland Peil Roland Peil

Roland Peil

Born in Essen, Roland Peil studied classical percussion with Josef Offelder from 1978 until 1986, was a multiple prize winner in the German national competition “Jugend Musiziert” and also a member of the National Symphony Youth Orchestra of Germany.
Later on, he studied jazz drumming and percussion with Michael Küttner at the University of Music Cologne. As a drummer and percussionist, he has performed with many well-known big bands. In 1993, he presented his solo project “Heroes in Toyland” on the occasion of the ice hockey world championship at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle.
In 1995, he studied with José Luis “Changuito” Quintana and “Pancho” Quinto during this study visit to Cuba.
He has worked together with many internationally renowned artists such as Die Fantastischen Vier, Till Brönner, Peter Maffay, Paul van Dyk or Sarah Brightman. Performing with his own band project “Rolands Rumba a.k.a. Calvimetro”, Roland Peil indulges his passion for Afro-Cuban music.
His readiness to cross stylistic borders, his musical flexibility, his joy of making music, his enthusiasm and professionalism – this set of trademark characteristics have made Roland Peil one of the most sought-after percussionists in Europe.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist and drummer

Why Schlagwerk?

Handmade instruments with heart and soul; highest quality and excellent sound combined with innovative ideas. When I first took an interest in cajons and the like, Schlagwerk was the only Germany-based manufacturer of cajons, udu drums and similar instruments I knew of.

Favourite Instrument?

Yambú Travel Solo with Black Eye finish, Roland Peil Signature Cajinto, Booster Boxx and Skinudu are my favourite instruments, immediately followed by the Wooden Crasher and Claps, Jingle Sticks and Side Kick!


Musical Style

Any style that sounds good, is groovy and inspiring!


Die Fantastischen Vier, Till Brönner & Band, Calvimetro a.k.a. Rolands Rumba, Sarah Brightman, Peter Maffay

How to mic

In general, my set is miked up by means of the by now well-known wrist mics offered by various manufacturers. I myself use Beyerdynamik mics. For the Yambú Travel Solo and the Roland Peil Signature Cajinto I additionally use Opus clamp mics; for the Udu Drum I employ a Lavalier microphone with a Helix attachment. The Booster Boxx is miked up with a boundary layer mic, and so is the cajon, which is additionally picked up from the front by the hand mics.

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Affiliated artistsAffiliated artists

Bravo, DanielBravo, Daniel



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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CC202 Cajinto Roland Peil Signature
Cajinto Roland Peil
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U70S Skin Udu® XL tunable
Skin Udu® XL
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