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Thomas PelzerThomas Pelzer

Thomas Pelzer

Since I turned 15, I have played the drums in the most diverse bands. In 1995, I performed together with the band “Rose Colored Shades” as supporting act for the well-known rock music veterans “Uriah Heep” and “Birth Control”. In 1996, I started my drum studies at Dortmund Jazz Academy, which helped me to develop a higher degree of flexibility necessary for playing in all kinds of musical genres. In the year 2009, I was asked to join a Johnny Cash tribute band. This was an offer I immediately accepted because the music of Johnny Cash constituted a further challenge to me. The new sound made me evolve a special playing style which lent a more modern drive to country music.
Being in rapport with Schlagwerk, I got my very first cajon. Playing on this instrument enabled me to achieve an even more dynamic performance. Meanwhile, we are going to release the third album with the band “Johnny Cash Experience”, which according to press coverage is supposed to be Europe´s best-known Johnny Cash tribute band at present. And I would even dare say that my rhythmic interpretation has contributed in no small measure to its success.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

For me personally,  Schlagwerk represents the bridge connecting good sound with  compactness, a bridge over which I can let the train roll on small but also on big stages.

Favourite Instrument?

CP 404 Cajon 2inOne und deluxe

Musical Style



Johnny Cash Experience

How to mic?

Every concert situation calls for a different microphone setup. I have achieved the best results by placing a mic with a good low-frequency response on the bottom of the cajon and by additionally mounting a snare mic to the upper edge on the front side of the instrument. Unfortunately, the circumstances often allow for only one mic to be used, which, however, might be completely sufficient.

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