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Martin SauerMartin Sauer

Martin Sauer

Martin “Mädde” Sauer is a passionate drummer, who made a career out of his hobby and was lucky enough to discover that this courageous decision was the best one he had ever taken in his life.Shortly thereafter, he received numerous requests from bands, for concerts at home and abroad and from enthusiastic workshop visitors of all ages. His performance on stage reflects his extremely easy-going manner, and his joy of playing easily infects audience and workshop visitors alike.
Meanwhile, he is one of the core members of a number of bands, he works as a teacher at music academies and offers cajon lessons at various institutions.
Those who have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live on stage will understand why he was given the nickname “groove machine with a lot of soul”.

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Professional Activities

Cajon player and drummer

Why Schlagwerk?

Innovative, “modern traditionalists”, fast working, reliable, unbeatable quality-price ratio, family atmosphere at the company, open to proposals and questions, very nice staff … all of them, supportive,…

Favourite Instrument?

“el negro” – CP 4007 burl wood, Set 75 Heck Stick & Side Kick, Krix 10 Rhythm Step, Size 10 Sizzle Board


Musical Style

Latin, blues rock, pop rock, Latin jazz, Turkish rock, progressive-psychedelic rock, gospel, musical


Bilingüe, Marsani, Olimpia & the Diners, 507 Available, X-Tanbul, Rhythmicals, Psychonauten, Melwins Stern (Ellen Strauss-Wallisch), Werner Dannemann

How to mic

Having started out with AKG 418 and, then, Beyerdynamik Opus 87, I have finally ended up with boundary layer Shure Beta 91. The boundary layer mic has succeeded in convincing me in all frequency ranges, on large stages, on small stages, in the studio and when recording live performances. Additionally, I employ the Shure SM 57 on a small stand in front of the cajon, primarily to mic up the Heck Stick but also the playing surface since it relays the “authentic” sound of a wooden playing surface in an unmodified way. Using this setup, I have found an overall well-functioning and truly satisfying miking method. Even the sound engineers who have worked with this setup have been very happy with it. In case there is not enough space to put the stand in front of the cajon, you are warmly recommended to use the Beyerdynamik Opus 87 as an alternative, attached to the Heck Stick.

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CP4007 Burl veneer
Burl veneer
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SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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KRIX10 Krix - The Rhythm Step
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