Steixner, Antal - Schlagwerk

Antal SteixnerAntal Steixner

Antal Steixner

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Professional Activities

Quality sound vision and price

Why Schlagwerk?

Cajon la Peru Skin Udu Bass Framedrum

Favourite Instrument?

I play from straight R&R to Balkan Flamenco and everything that needs a groove.


Musical Style

Basily Gipsy Band & Flairck, Marius Preda Unknown Rumenian Allstars and More, see youtube for more.Soberanos

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CP4005 Beechwood
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RTS 61 tunable, incl. cross frame
Frame drum RTS 61
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U70S Skin Udu® XL tunable
Skin Udu® XL
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