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Cajon Add-OnsCajon Add-Ons

BP40 Base Plate

The combination of base plate, the provided Special-Beater and a Bass Cajon offers percussionists/drummers brand new possibilities for integrating bass drum patterns. You can get the perfect perc ussion kick tool by using a condensor microphone (on a small cushion inside the Cajon).

incl. Special-Beater for Booster Boxx

Drum Pedal NOT included

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Cajon Add-onsCajon Add-ons

The diversity and flexibility of the cajon can be expanded even further with a variety of add-ons.  The aim is to achieve completely new sound possibilities and an individualisation of the overall Cajon sound. With the same design and standard robust Schlagwerk quality.


BC462 2inOne Bass Cajon
2inOne Bass Cajon
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The second generation of Schlagwerk Bass Cajons also applies the 2inOne-Snare-Technique. The result: oluminous bass combined with an unexpectedly light and pleasant snare effect. Because of its acoustic power, it is ideal for unplugged gigs.

BC460 2inOne Booster Boxx
2inOne Booster Boxx
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Booster Boxx – The name is standard for musicians.

This Bass- Cajon, which was designed for use with a pedal and BP 40, makes an amazing bass drum sound on stage. The integrated snare cross-bar helps to create a totally realistic sound (distinctive vibrating snare wires). The frequency range lies just above that of “normal” bass drums, thus offering an absolute impressive, interesting and assertive alternative.


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