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Cajon Add-OnsCajon Add-Ons

CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube

The new Cajon Bass Tube provides a rich bass drum sound.  And it couldn't be easier: simply slide the Cajon Bass Tube into the rear sound hole – and that's it.  No screwing or gluing together necessary.  From now on palpable and powerful low frequencies can be produced.  At the same time, the Cajon Bass Tube generates the typical drum-like distinction between snare and bass range.
The Schlagwerk Cajon Bass Tube is optimised for all Schlagwerk cajons, but can also be used on all other cajons with a sound hole diameter of approx. 12cm.


For sound hole ø approx. 120mm
Material: plastic

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Cajon Add-onsCajon Add-ons

The diversity and flexibility of the cajon can be expanded even further with a variety of add-ons.  The aim is to achieve completely new sound possibilities and an individualisation of the overall Cajon sound. With the same design and standard robust Schlagwerk quality.


CAP100 Cajon Pedal incl. base plate & bag
Cajon Pedal
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The innovative Cajon Pedal is a first for all Cajon players. Now it's possible to play a bass-drum pattern using a remote pedal to complement hand-playing. The combination using standard hand techniques allows for numerous new possibilities for rhythm playing as well as the opportunity to create grooves on the Cajon which were previously impossible.


A rigid foam bag suitable for safley transport of the cajon pedal is included in scope of delivery.

SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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The combination of Heck Stick and Side Kick as a set seems to be especially worthwhile. The Side Kick fits exactly on the mounting plate of the Heck Stick. In this manner, both components of the set can be attached to both sides together or independently of each other, depending on your playing technique. The resulting variety of combinations makes it possible for everyone to play an individual set-up.

BRC05 Cajon Brush #5 Big Brush
Cajon Brush #5
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The Cajon Big Brush is capable of creating a big variety of sound. Both soft and delicate and full, powerful sounds can be played with ease.

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