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Cajon Add-OnsCajon Add-Ons

HECK75 Heck Stick

Factually speaking, the Heck Stick is the lo gical and sensible enhancement for the Cajon – an advantage for playing technique. From an emotional point of view, the Cajon world has long been waiting for the Heck Stick. This stick finally fills the gap between drums and percussion. With the Heck Stick the Cajon becomes the ultra-compact drum-set. The Heck Stick takes on the roll of the cymbals. All drum grooves can be conjured up with their own sound characteristics as well. The jingles can be actively adjusted between closed and open sound (similar to a HiHat). The image of the Heck Stick speaks the same language as the design of a Cajon: Reduced to the essentials – no compromises in sound and quality.

Special jingle stick with mounting plate
Fits all Cajons (45 cm and 50cm in height)

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Cajon Add-onsCajon Add-ons

The diversity and flexibility of the cajon can be expanded even further with a variety of add-ons.  The aim is to achieve completely new sound possibilities and an individualisation of the overall Cajon sound. With the same design and standard robust Schlagwerk quality.


HP75 Split Hand extension plate for Heck Stick
Heck Stick extension plate
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This effective extension to the Heckstick enables a larger playing surface for the hands. Ideal for split hand technique.

CCA30 Cajon Cabasa
Cajon Cabasa
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Simple, compact and amazingly funky! Cajon Cabasa is the perfect add-on for playing continuous patterns, individual memorable beats or even long drawn-out loose hats. The ultimate addition to the Cajon

BRC01 Cajon Brush #1 Matthias Philipzen
Cajon Brush #1
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Thanks to the fine, rounded nylon rods, the Matthias Philipzen Signature brushes produce a nuanced sweeping sound and an extremely warm punch. The practical rubber-coated handle not only ensures a pleasant, comfortable playing experience but also  provides effective protection for the instrument - no sharp metal edges come into contact with the playing surface.

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