Yambú YD 445 Travel solo Skinwood red - Schlagwerk

Yambú SkinwoodYambú Skinwood

YD445 Yambú Travel solo Skinwood red

The Travel Solo distinguishes itself not only through its attractive red, shimmering Skinwood surface, but also through its high pitch, higher than that of all other Yambú drums. This makes it the perfect solo instrument in a Yambú or Conga set.

w/o stand
Playing surface:
Skinwood red
(with goatskin) pat. pend.
Resonance box: 7-layered alder; Ø ca. 10“
Height with stand without/with stand
approx. 62/74 cm

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Based on Cuban models, the second generation of Schlagwerk Yambù will inspire you with its new Skinwood playing surfaces. Thanks to its hybrid surfaces made of wood and stretched goatskin, this novelty in modern Cajon construction offers a wide spectrum of sounds and a natural feel when played.


PB90 Percussion Board
Percussion Board
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It doesn’t get more practical than this!
Simply place the Percussion Board on a snare stand and the percussion table is ready for the cajon player. Thanks to the noise-reducing, fluffy surface, various add-ons can be positioned with Velcro®. Removable strips prevent rods and brushes from rolling away by accident. The Z-Rod also provides various set-up options, e.g. for cowbells, tambourine or woodblocks.

SH10 Shake Hand
Shake Hand
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Hand bandage with freely adjustable Shaker element.The Shaker element consists of 2 maraca eggs and a shake tube (separable). The comfortable bandage allows you to play the Shake Hand and other instruments at the same time.

SKSET1 Shaker Set
Shaker Set
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The shaker basic set – Every percussionist should have this set as a part of his/her equipment.

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