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Cajon Cover

Cajon bags

With the sturdy pockets you can take every road trip easily.

Schlagwerk Sound Experts

They are living for their sound.

The Schlagwerk sound experts are among the best percussionists in the world. With their sound they have pushed the limits of what is possible and created their unique sound world. And they stand for the sound of Schlagwerk.

Question 1 2 3 4 5
How tall are you?

Of course you can play on any Cajon, but the most comfortable instrument is the one that fits your height.

My height:

Which music styles does your heart beat loudest for?

In the versatile Schlagwerk range you will find instruments with the right sound character for every style. (multiple selection possible)

How do you play your instrument?

Schlagwerk Cajons are accentuated in different ways, the spectrum ranges from a delicate, subtle response to strong, powerful sounds.

What are the standards you expect from yourself and your instrument?

For beginners we recommend more simple instruments, advanced players can develop themselves optimally with more advanced Cajons.

Do you want to get more out of your Cajon with add-ons?

The Schlagwerk Cajon Add-Ons expand your sound possibilities: Apply additional sounds or play your Cajon like a drum kit.