Frame Drums Traditional RTS 55 Pandariq Signature Hakim Ludin - Schlagwerk

Frame Drums TraditionalFrame Drums Traditional

RTS55 Pandariq

Pandariq is a symbiosis between the Brasilian Pandeiro, the Afghani Dairi and the Arabian Riqq.
This model enchants with its incredible variety of sound possibilities.

Ø 50 cm/20“
Tunable model, is equipped with
12 tuning screws and a tuning key.
4 removable jingle bars, each with
4 hand-hammered jingles.
7-ply beechwood
Frame height 100 mm with cross frame.

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Frame Drums traditionalFrame Drums traditional

In nearly all cultures on earth at home, the frame drum traditionally sets the tone in the music. A loving attention to detail and a professional sound and manufacturing quality make the Schlagwerk Frame Drums truly spellbinding.


TA6 Bag for frame drums
Frame drum bag
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Padded nylon bag for RT Ø 50-60 cm.

KRIX10 Krix - The Rhythm Step
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Absolutely unbelievable!! Just place the Krix under your shoelace, hook it in and you’re all set. Krix is probably the most effective and easiest percussion instrument in the world.

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