Frame Drums Traditional RT RIQ Riqq - Schlagwerk

Frame Drums TraditionalFrame Drums Traditional


The Schlagwerk Riqq, based on the Arabian riqq, is a tunable frame drum that provides a great variety of sound and glissando possibilities due to its special jingle combination.

Goatskin, 5 jingle pairs, 1 single jingle, Ø 25 cm/approx. 10“
Materials: The frame is made of 6-ply glued beechwood,
Frame height 62 mm, goatskin,
Ø 25 cm with 10 (!) tuning screws integrated into the frame.
A tuning key is included.

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Frame Drums traditionalFrame Drums traditional

In nearly all cultures on earth at home, the frame drum traditionally sets the tone in the music. A loving attention to detail and a professional sound and manufacturing quality make the Schlagwerk Frame Drums truly spellbinding.

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