Your synapses process 1 000 000 000 stimuli per second. Give them something inspiring.

The ear is a sensitive mechanism that responds to the finest vibrations. Even inaudible frequencies are clocked by the body via sensory cells in the stomach and skin. All impressions are processed in your brain into a single experience. You can feel excellent sound with all your senses: this is the Schlagwerk Sound Experience.

The production already belongs to the holistic experience: Selection, storage and processing of our woods are subject to the strictest criteria. During the construction, we rethink every instrument and in our daily work we feel every edge and fibre with passion. Our lived experience is part of the Schlagwerk Sound.

Excel yourself: When you play a Schlagwerk instrument, your environment becomes your resonator. It maximizes your performance and makes your sound experience even more intense.

The Sound-Experience label marks the unique sound characteristics of Schlagwerk instruments. It stands for the expertise inherent in all our products and the special sensation you experience while playing and hearing it. In short: It describes the sense of delight that is triggered by the Schlagwerk Sound. And by the outstanding and appealing look you do connect instantly that it sounds great too.

The 'S'

The "S" stands for Schlagwerk and for perfect sound. The curved letter is also a new symbol for the sound waves that can already be seen in the Schlagwerk company logo.

Color variety:

The bright colours stand for the versatility of our instruments, materials, working processes and, last but not least, our customers and musical possibilities. And despite the diversity, they fit together well, because they carry the Schlagwerk gene within them.

Hands on:

Our instruments are carefully handcrafted and played by hand: It is only through the use of hands that an instrument becomes a Sound Experience.


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There are many reasons for great sound.

Inside the Schlagwerk Sound Design.

Rounded comfort body

made of multi-layered beech, produced in the CLM process

Partially screwed playing surface

for typical cajon snare sound with rich bass foundation

Fine real wood and design veneers

hand-selected, on our proprietary fine layer SC6 substrate for very warm and dynamic sound

2 x 6 special 

with spiral winding for rich and fast responding snare sound

Velcro fastened damping elements

for individual adjustment of the buzz behaviour

Schlagwerk bell stick

for additional sound effect and powerful bass due to solid wood reinforcing brace

Tension bar

for adjusting the string tension with integrated tuning key

Product shown: CP608
Cajon Fineline Dark Night

The right sound grows in the forest.

Our wood is well-selected. Naturally.

We only use high-quality materials from suppliers we have trusted for years. Birch, alder and beech are European woods of the highest quality, which combine an attractive appearance with low weight and the necessary strength. And if exotic hardwoods cannot be replaced, we only use free-trade wood from sustainable forestry.

Making instruments is like making music.

Our employees are real artists.

In music, even subtle nuances in the way the music is played are audible, in the touch, the emotion or the skill of the player. Only a true enthusiast becomes an artist. We are just as virtuoso in production: we feel every detail and every irregularity. Every millimeter of wood is felt, tested, sanded and refined until a real work of art is created.

Where craft meets high-tech.

So every piece becomes a masterpiece.

We create unique pieces in volumes: In years of development work, we have optimized various special machines for us and adapted them to our needs. This enables us to create instruments with consistently high perfection and quality - even in large quantities. This is how an industrial manufactory works by enhancing high-quality craftsmanship with advanced technology.

Uniqueness is in the details.

You can hear the difference.

It is not enough just to use the best materials - their processing is essential. This is why we not simply use regular wood from our suppliers, but also manufacture our own panels: using our proprietary Cross-Laminating and Moulding process, we press interlaced, high-density fibreboards directly into their pre-finished form. But there are many other examples of how we optimize our instruments - and you can surely hear every single one of them.

The drummer can't help it.

He must audition every instrument.

Always all ears.  Martin plays every single instrument before it leaves the workshop.  He knows every subtlety in our sound conception, only the slightest deviation or discrepancy is recognized and the instrument is fine-tuned. Because one thing is guaranteed at this point: the real Schlagwerk sound

The world plays Schlagwerk.

We are growing in more and more countries.

Our Percussion and effect instruments are shipped all over the world: To all of Europe, North and South America and Asia. But we don't just ship our carefully manufactured instruments to end customers, but to our selected and qualified network of specialist dealers. After all, the SCHLAGWERK SOUND EXPERIENCE also includes personal assistance and services such as testing the instruments before you buy them.

Gerhard Priel

Sound doctor and acoustic magician in one.

No one has shaped the company like founder Gerhard Priel. He is not only the inventor of the modern Cajon based on the classic Peruvian model. He also has the know-how to continually invent and further develop new instruments for world percussion. And he has the passion and the feeling for the decisive sound. Exactly the sound that touches people emotionally and makes up the SCHLAGWERK SOUND EXPERIENCE. Together with his development team, he is constantly creating new extraordinary cajons and other innovative percussion instruments such as the La Ola Drum or the SamJam Guitar Snare.

The evolution of Schlagwerk

It always was about the perfect sound.

19 82

The first sound

In a small barn, the two cabinetmaker apprentices Gerhard Priel and Bengt Schumacher reconstruct a Brazilian log drum that a friend brought from South America. Back then this instrument is almost unknown in Germany. After some tinkering, a prototype is created that generates great interest beyond the circle of friends - the first step in a long history of innovative instrument making.

19 84

Cajon Comparsa

The first Cajon Comparsa is developed in the small, cosy workshop, back then in Geislingen, a small village on the edge of the Swabian Alb.

19 86

Sound waves

Puerto Rican exceptional percussionist Freddie Santiago, still at the beginning of his career, visits Schlagwerk in Germany. In his luggage he carries an original Peruvian Cajon, which hardly differs from an ordinary wooden crate. Gerhard Priel's instinct for exciting ethnological instruments kicks in and he begins to develop a professional instrument from that wooden box.

19 90

A Cajon sets the standard

Schlagwerk launches the Cajon "La Perù" on the market. The success of the instrument starts with this model: Music schools, drummers, percussionists, therapists and hobby musicians are excited about the versatility, spontaneity and cultural depth of the instrument and the unique Schlagwerk sound.

19 95

Tuning is the key

With the invention of the tunable string cajon, we have achieved another milestone in the development of the cajon. The tuning bar allows our string cajons to be tuned from now on and offers percussionists maximum flexibility in their sound creativity.

20 03

Think bigger

Schlagwerk grows up: after the beginnings in the barn workshop and a stopover in an old factory building, we now move into our newly built headquarters. Now we can produce on a large scale with professional standards. And this is necessary, because the demand for Cajons is growing worldwide - and high quality handcrafted products are only available from Schlagwerk.

20 05

The hallmark of modern Cajons

With the CP404 2inOne Snare Cajon we create what is probably the most successful Cajon in the world. No design is more associated with Schlagwerk than the traditional box look. The newly launched 2inOne series with removable snare traverse causes a sensation and appeals to the sound aesthetics of Cajon players worldwide.

20 09

More than a Cajon

Cajon is fun - that's why we are always developing the drum box further. The 2inOne series is particularly successful, but other models such as the Fineline comfort are also generating a great response. We open up a new world with our add ons, with which a Cajon can be extended by many sounds and can be played like a drum kit in terms of playing style.

20 11

The ears have eyes

We are presenting our new brand identity at the Frankfurt Musikmesse: The logo now shows stylized sound waves instead of the hard to understand Peruvian tree of life of the early days. The new corporate design and website speak an international language and inspire fans and followers worldwide.

20 14

We rely on our heritage

An exciting time is upon us. Our production is bursting at the seams and we decide to build a new production building right next door in order to continue meeting demand. We remain loyal to our location and thus continue to guarantee our renowned quality standard.

20 15

High-tech and craftsmanship

At the turn of the year we move into the new building and resume production on over 4000 square meters. The purchase of new machines ensures seamless synergy of precise and efficient technology and traditional handcrafted work.

20 17

New impulses

From the Cajinto to the Cajabuka - with fresh designs, forms and ideas we bring the sound of the Cajon into new dimensions. Various product series and add-ons give our portfolio a great depth and range, so that today you can assemble your perfect Schlagwerk set-up from many components.

20 20

Dreams of the future

We reinvent ourselves: With the brand campaign "The Sound Experience" we put all our activities in relation to the unique sound of our instruments. A relaunch of the website, fascinating motifs and a modern design provide visual access to our sound world.

Schlagwerk Sound Experts

They are living for their sound.

The Schlagwerk sound experts are among the best percussionists in the world. With their sound they have pushed the limits of what is possible and created their unique sound world. And they stand for the sound of Schlagwerk.

Question 1 2 3 4 5
How tall are you?

Of course you can play on any Cajon, but the most comfortable instrument is the one that fits your height.

My height:

Which music styles does your heart beat loudest for?

In the versatile Schlagwerk range you will find instruments with the right sound character for every style. (multiple selection possible)

How do you play your instrument?

Schlagwerk Cajons are accentuated in different ways, the spectrum ranges from a delicate, subtle response to strong, powerful sounds.

What are the standards you expect from yourself and your instrument?

For beginners we recommend more simple instruments, advanced players can develop themselves optimally with more advanced Cajons.

Do you want to get more out of your Cajon with add-ons?

The Schlagwerk Cajon Add-Ons expand your sound possibilities: Apply additional sounds or play your Cajon like a drum kit.