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Jörg BachJörg Bach

Jörg Bach

At the age of ten, Jörg Bach (born 1966) started playing the drums as an autodidact and gathered his first experience on stage performing together with the most different bands and orchestras.
Within the course of the following years, he broadened his knowledge by attending private lessons, master classes and workshops with some of the most renowned national and international drummers and percussionists. The American drummer legend Jim Chapin („Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer“) encouraged him – as a friend and mentor – to pursue a career as a professional drummer and drum instructor.

In 1992, Jörg Bach founded the “Drum Coaching” school for drums and percussion, which has won itself an excellent reputation within the region and also beyond its borders. At present, the “Drum Coach`s” main field of musical activities is his job as a drumset and cajon teacher; additionally, he offers workshops on a variety of specialty topics for drummers and, of course, for cajon players.

The jazz drummer Jörg Bach is in high demand with different kinds of jazz ensembles and bands due to his groovy and swinging style; the enthusiastic rock´n´roll drummer adds the authentic and captivating beat to vintage music projects.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, drum teacher and workshop lecturer

Why Schlagwerk?

Down-to-earth, solid, Swabian – and at the same time rich in innovative ideas. Schlagwerk once more exemplifies par excellence that these qualities need not be in contradiction! The instruments are manufactured with the makers´ obvious love to detail, showing their outstanding craftsmanship focussing on quality and precision.

Favourite Instrument?

Working with my cajon ensembles and classes, I make use of almost the complete range of Schlagwerk instruments. My “personal favorite instrument” is a “Fineline Mocca” cajon.

Musical Style

As a performing drummer I am mainly active in jazz. As a cajonero, I must admit that no style and genre are safe from me and my fellow “Schlagwerk” players in the ensembles.


Cajón Caliente (Cajónensemble)
Jörg Enz Organic Trio
Hammond Jazz Night Band

Sugar & the Candyband
Big Band Radio Wüste Welle

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