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Arthur Bont Arthur Bont

Arthur Bont

For more than twenty years, Arthur Bont (born in Utrecht/ Netherlands in 1969) has been working as a professional drummer and percussionist. From 1989 until 1999 he played with the cajun / zydeco band Louisiana Radio. The last few years, he has been working for the theatre shows Mondo Leone (Leon Giesen), Holland America Lijn (Jack Poels and Leon Giessen), Hier komen de Russen and Reis door Rusland (Irena Filippova and Hans Visser). Besides the theatre, he has performed at several national and international concerts  and has participated as a guest musician in many CD and DVD productions. Within the last eight years, Arthur Bont has studied the cajon very intensively and uses this new specialty in theatre performances, bands and studio recordings.
He released an instructional DVD on cajon playing together with Schlagwerk in 2008.
Arthur has also been invited to participate in clinics at drum festivals in Holland.

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Professional Activities

Drummer / Percussionist / Cajonspecialist

Why Schlagwerk?

I really like the sound of the Schlagwerk instruments. Whether it’s in a live performance or in a studio, they always give you what you want. It’s very nice that you can create many sounds from one instrument like a cajon or an udu.

Favourite Instrument?

I mainly play the Cajon de La Peru (Beetchwood) and also a wide range of udu’s. I have been playing the Gomé Bass a lot for recordings. I will use the Fineline Cajons in the future more.


Musical Style

As an independent freelance musician, I play a wide range of styles. What I enjoy most is playing well-composed songs or instrumental pieces. Playing a certain musical style is not what’s the most important to me. In any style it’s all about creativity and the concept. I always try to find my way in every project I’m involved in, in the most creative and functional way I possibly can.


I am involved in a broad range of groups, projects and studio recordings. Apart from that I will be giving cajon workshops from September 2010.

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