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Steffen BürthelSteffen Bürthel

Steffen Bürthel

Born in 1977, Steffen Bürthel studied drumset and percussion in Mainz / Germany. He works as a teacher at the Kuseler Musikantenland Music School and the Kaiserslautern District Music School, but he also offers drumset and percussion workshops. Besides his activities as a drum instructor, Steffen participates in a variety of music projects in southwest Germany, ranging from rock and pop productions to jazz / lounge music bands and choir accompaniment. His compositions for cajón ensemble have been published by Codamusic.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, Percussionist, Composer

Why Schlagwerk?

Time and again, the company´s innovative and gorgeous ideas have proved to be an inspiration for me. Schlagwerk offers the suitable instrument, the adequate sound and the perfect idea for each and every challenge … in other words: Schlagwerk always has the right response!
Schlagwerk Percussion … the No. 1!!

Favourite Instrument?

2inOne Cajon, Roland Peil Cajinto,CAP 100 Cajon Pedal

Musical Style

Rock, Pop Jazz, Lounge, Folk, Acoustic


Sergeant Live Music
Sabrina Roth Band
"City Jazz" ´Round Christmas Weihnachts-Tour


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