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Marika FalkMarika Falk

Marika Falk

Live performances, television and radio performances, theater and ballet productions, CD recordings (together with various ensembles)
Munich Kammerspiele, Nuremberg Opera House, Munich Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich Residenztheater
Tours through Europe, USA, Spain, Israel, Russia
Concerts: medieval music, klezmer music, jazz, world music, ethnic music, new music

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

In my personal view, Schlagwerk instruments attest to fine craftsmanship, they have their own individual sound, and the current range of products including riqq, tamburello and frame drums offers very good value for money.

Favourite Instrument?

Riqq, tamburello, frame drums and cajon

Musical Style

World music, ethnic music, jazz, medieval music


1. My Face                 
2. Coulor of Percussion                                                           
3.UR- Art af Duo                                           
4.Collage / Balkan Tango ( Quartett )                           
5.FrameDrumCircle ( Orientalische Instrumentierung )             
6.Drumcircle in Firmen

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Frame Drums Traditional

Frame Drums TraditionalFrame Drums Traditional

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