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Bodek JankeBodek Janke

Bodek Janke

At the early age of 11, Bodek Janke received his first drumset lessons at the Badische KONServatorium, which were then followed by saxophone and jazz vibraphone instruction. He attended the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne, majored in arts at the City College of New York, studied composition and arrangement as well as Indian music and tabla playing in Kolkata, India, and finally Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion with Alfonso Garrido.
As a matter of course, this talented musician did not remain undiscovered and, thus, has won various scholarships and numerous prizes throughout the years.
Among the music awards he has received so far are the first prize in the “Jugend Jazzt” competition (twice), “Jazzpreis Baden-Württemberg”, the “German Record Critics´ Award” and recently the “Maritim Solistenpreis” within the framework of the “Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis”.
Yet, it is not due to the numerous awards he has received that Bodek Janke is considered to be such a much sought-after live and studio musician: This incredibly versed performer responds very quickly to the respective artist. In the twinkling of an eye, this highly sensitive and likeable artist conquers his fellow musicians´ and the audience´s hearts.
He has been a Schlagwerk endorser since 2010.

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Professional Activities

Drummer, percussionist and tabla player

Why Schlagwerk?

They always comes up with fresh and creative ideas, take pleasure in experimenting with instruments. The high-quality instruments are innovative, the Schlagwerk staff are real nice and down-to-earth people. Since I am back to Germany again, I live quite close to Schlagwerk. Moreover, that GREAT SLIT DRUM I used to play on at my very first music school in Karlsruhe …:-)

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon, Wah Wah Tube (since very recently) and Udu Drums

Musical Style

Jazz and world music; cross-over


My own band is called “global.dance.culture”. Besides, I play a lot with the piano player and singer Olivia Trummer (as a duo, trio and quartet) as well as together with the piano player Kristjan Randalu (as a duo & quartet). Together with the saxophonist Steffen Schorn and the band “Universe of Possibilities”. Together with the cello player Stephan Braun (“Stephan Braun Trio”). As a guest musician I frequently perform together with the radio big bands of WDR, NDR and HR (for example, in October: “Mongolia” – in cooperation with HR, in November cooperation with NDR and the composer Peter Herborn and the percussionist Marcio Doctor). Together with the trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist Matthias Schriefl (various bands). At present cooperation with Lena Meyer-Landrut

How to mic

Sorry but usually I´m not so much concerned with miking up … In general, the sound engineers do a good job … and I only need “something overhead” and then deal with the rest…

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