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Michael Kersting Michael Kersting

Michael Kersting

As an autodidact musician, Michael Kersting gained his first experience in rock music. Quite soon, he discovered his passion for jazz and rapidly made a name for himself playing in the jazz scene. Whether performing as a sideman, co-leader or producer, Michael Kersting can look back on a very long list of projects he has already participated in successfully. It is not possible to pigeonhole him in any genre since Michael Kersting, who chose to live in Berlin, can put heart and soul in any kind of music.
His musical open-mindedness has paved the way for him to enter many important stages, among other things, together with the following artists: Baker, Mal Waldron, Jimmy Woody, Carrie Smith, Ack van Rooyen, Joe Gallardo, Joerg Reiter, Stu Goldberg, Toni Lakatos, Trilok Gurtu and Christof Lauer, Thomas Stabenow, Klaus Wagenleiter, Jaco Pastorius, Richie Beirach, Jack Bruce, Bireli Lagrene, Steve Lacy, Karl Berger, Thomas Heidepriem, Albert Mangelsdorff, Klaus Doldinger, Urszula Dudziak, Lauren Newton, Ernie Watts, Kenny Wheeler, Vanessa Rubin, Carla Cook, Terumasa Hino, Bobby Shew, Toni Scherr and "Roots" feat. Benny Golson, Arthur Blythe, Chico Freeman,  Buster Williams, Kirk Lightsey, Echo Awards ceremony together with Phil Collins, tours and concerts with Heather Greene , Ron Spielman, Ray Blue, Reggie Moore, Alain Mion, Patrick Boman, Pietro Tonolo, Romano Patresi  and many more.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and “Schlagwerker”

Why Schlagwerk?

A host of great instruments, fantastic sound, excellent craftsmanship, user-friendly operation

Favourite Instrument?

Shakers, Cajon and UDU


Musical Style

Singer/songwriter, R&B, soul jazz


The Finest, Bassanova, Ron Spielman, Shannon Callahan, Threedom, Maria Baptist Trio, Jagun, Ray Blue, Funk family and many more

How to mic

AKG C 408 or Shure SM 57, SM 58 Sennheiser MD 421 or similar mics

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CP4005 Haya
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U80 Neck Udu®
Neck Udu®
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SK50 Groovy Shaker
Groovy Shaker
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