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Sandra-Isabel KnoblochSandra-Isabel Knobloch

Sandra-Isabel Knobloch

Trained as a radio editor, I have dedicated myself to music for many years now. Since graduating as an officially certified teacher for popular music and percussion, I have been offering and imparting individual as well as group classes to students of all ages in my home town Ingolstadt in Upper Bavaria / Germany.

My primary concern is to share my love for  music and the joy I take in movement with my students and to convey to them an enhanced body awareness and sense of rhythm.

Apart from performing on the cajon, that versatile wooden box and its application in traditional as well as modern rhythms such as Afro, samba, flamenco, pop and funk, we play congas and djembes in class and also use a broad range of percussion and sound instruments originating from various cultural spheres all over the world.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

High-quality instruments made in Germany, creative sound ideas

Favourite Instrument?

Among my favorite instruments are the F Pentatonic Slit Drum as well as the Skin Udu.
Most frequently I use the cajon and – with regard to small percussion instruments -  the Shorty Shaker and the Frogogo.

How to mic?

For the Udu, I use the audio-technica PRO clip-on instrument microphone.

Musical Style

Ethno, funk, reggae, pop, Latin


Heart´n´Beat – world percussion trio
Ihaudonei – a musical cabaret show in Bavarian


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