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Bernd KremlingBernd Kremling

Bernd Kremling

Bernd Kremling´s biography to be read on his website seems to go on forever. Apart from the countless examples illustrustrating his pedagogical and musical career which are presented on the homepage, the following list of activities only constitutes a brief excerpt of the stages he has passed through within the last four decades of creative work: concert performances (Bamberg Symphoniker, Hofer Symphoniker, Nürnberger Symphoniker, BR, HR, NDR, SDR, SWF); chamber music (Munic-Brass, Musica-Viva, organ and percussion, solo performances at festivals such as Bayreuth, Gießen, Lüneburg, Munich); participation in different orchestras under the direction of the following conductors: Bernstein, Boulez, Gielen, Inbal, Jochum, Kempe, Rowicki; member of the percussion ensemble Siegfried Fink.
The musician´s numerous publications (recordings, instructional literature, compositions) and the great commitment he has shown within the framework of his teaching activities for over 40 years, round off Bernd Kremling´s entire work as an all-rounder and a multi-talented artist.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist, Director of the Department of Music Pedagogy at Würzburg University in Germany

Why Schlagwerk?

Wood comes to life and turn into a vehicle of sound to be used by the percussionist and pedagogue.
The excellent craftsmanship stands the test especially when being used for music in the classroom.

Favourite Instrument?

Temple blocks, cajon, wood bells, guiros

Musical Style

Contemporary music


Creme de la Krem
Musica Viva Bayreuth


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