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Michael MeierMichael Meier

Michael Meier

Al Cajon – “The Godfather of Percussion”:

This is the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Michael Meier´s alias.
In 1994, as a 9-year-old youngster, he appeared live on stage for the very first time in his life.
Together with JINGO, a Latin rock band that was very successful at that time, he performed as a special guest playing the congas at village fairs, festivals and other events.

Since then, the “Godfather of Percussion” – as this extraordinary percussion player has been referred to by magazines and newspapers – has cooperated with musical ensembles, bands and fellow musicians in the international music business. The convincing performances of this all-rounder have impressed concert organizers, agencies, producers and musicians likewise.
As early as 1999, when he was only 15 years old, he went on his first concert tour abroad, travelling through the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Numerous guest appearances and tour bookings in completely different musical styles and genres followed after the conclusion of this tour. Nowadays, the musician cannot imagine life without touring anymore.

Michael Meier himself puts his success primarily down to the musical and rhythmical versatility he developed during his early years. Having attended a numerous workshops and courses of study offered by famous percussionists and drummers, a host of different musical influences and percussion styles originating from various cultures have converged in his way of playing: Latin, African, Oriental and many more. Apart from the experience he has won in his work as a tour and studio percussionist for a great number of projects, it has been exactly these influences that helped to build his very unique style as a percussionist and drummer.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist, drummer and MD

Why Schlagwerk?

“Inimitable versatility” – That´s what the whole range of Schlagwerk instruments stands for, offering to me as a percussionist and drummer the opportunity to individually meet the ever - increasing requirements and challenges of the musician´s demanding everyday life while on tour, live on stage or working at the studio. In this context, uniqueness and originality of sound are of utmost importance to me.

Favourite Instrument?

The Mezzo Shaker is my absolute favorite when on tour and in the studio.
For any kind of unplugged shows, the characteristic sounds and unique possibilities supplied by the Booster Kit combined with additional highlights among the Schlagwerk instruments such as the Wooden Bongos, the Wooden Congas or the Shock Blocks enable me to deliver absolutely wicked, intense and impulsive grooves.
As my “all-time favorites”, the Shock Blocks form an integral part of my percussion set at any show, where I use them for playing clave figures, accents or unique groove combinations….

How to mic

I prefer miking up the Booster Kit Bass Cajon with a Beta 91A plus a Beta 52 attached to the Cajon with an LP claw. For the Cajinto I opt for Audio Technica atm450 or, according to the situation, the lower-priced Audio Technica atm650. Basically, the Audio Technica Pro 35 is a good and easy-to-use all-round solution for miking up the cajon (inside the instrument at its backside, attached with a clip), the Wooden Congas or even the Cajinto. For newcomers and/or beginners, I recommend the simple Thomann T-bone DC-4000 mic set, which I have gained good experience with. In combination with a set of LP claws, the mic set can be positioned flexibly and accurately, in accordance with the respective situation.

Musical Style

As an independent percussionist, I set great store by flexibility and versatility. I do not only participate in rock/pop projects but also in renowned hiphop acts, musical and classical productions, and hard rock projects featuring classical orchestras.


INDIPENDENT. Internationally active live and studio percussionist .
Musical director of various shows and live projects. Solo artist at trade fairs, open air shows and hip clubs (Al Cajon).
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