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Till OhlhausenTill Ohlhausen

Till Ohlhausen

Till Ohlhausen studied at Latin Percussion School in Munich / Germany, graduating with a diploma in percussion and drumset.
He received the “Preis der Stadt Ludwigsburg” (prize awarded by the University of Education of the City of Ludwigsburg / Germany) for his thesis on the topic “Rhythm and Movement”, went on numerous study trips to Cuba and opened his own drum school in Stuttgart in 1989.
He is the founder of the percussion ensembles Big Bom, Stahl Fatal, Taktlos, with whom he composes and performs their own music. He offers interactive corporate events within the framework of Drum Café Deutschland but also organizes CircleDrumming events.

Till Ohlhausen works in the sector of team development and management training in cooperation with several coaches, he has studied circle songs and mantras and composes his own music with the help of a loop station.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist, drummer, singer, composer

Why Schlagwerk?

Innovative products, world-class quality cajons, over 20 years of friendship with Marianne and Gerhard, wonderful staff team!

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon Fineline with a foot pedal and a Heck Stick added to it, Cajintos, set of shakers, Marimbula

Musical Style

Afro-Cuban percussion, Afro-Brazilian percussion, circle songs, mantras, funk, pop, jazz


Big Bom – drumming, dancing & singing

Drum Café Deutschland – interactive corporate events

CircleDrumming – interactive events for everybody

Stahl Fatal – rhythm, fire & sound spectacle

Taktlos –street percussion orchestra

Canela Blanca – quartet performing Latin American music

Trommelschule Till Ohlhausen


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