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Axl ScheutzAxl Scheutz

Axl Scheutz

Axl Scheutz is at home in the Austrian town of Bad Ischl.
The list of artists the charming Austrian has already performed with has a good ring to it:
Hans Söllner, The Buccaneers (roots reggae), DidgeGrooveCompany (world music), Stefan Schubert und die heißen Herzen (Deutschrock), Andrew Edge (Britpop) and many more.
Currently, Axl Scheutz is working for, and with, the British musician Brian Leonhard, who is recording a solo CD at the studio right now. Further ventures are already on the waiting list: a video production featuring the cajon as well as a great number of projects in collaboration with the most diverse musicians in a most varied range of styles.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

Excellent quality, optimum sound and great support – that´s what enters my mind when I hear the name Schlagwerk and that´s also the reason why I have opted for these instruments.

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perù Zebrano, Bass Cajinto, Skin Udu L

Musical Style

Being an independent musician, I play wherever, and in whichever musical genre, I am needed.


Forty Fingers (funk, soul, blues)
Gerhard Erler (pop music, Austropop)
Tina Peitli Band (jazz, soul, blues, funk).

How to mic

Udu U70 is amplified using a Shure SM57 placed at 2cm from the mouth of the instrument.


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