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Peter Schneider

Born into a musical family, Peter Schneider studied Jazz Percussion at the Brussels Conservatory in Belgium and World Music at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands. In 2000, he went to Cuba for the first time to specialize in Afro-Cuban percussion.
His career covers a wide scope of musical fields: jazz, pop music, ethnic music, … In the jazz world, he has had the opportunity of playing with Marc Moulin, Bert Joris, Pierre Anckaert, Chroma; in the pop world he has performed with many bands and artists such as Sven Van Hees, Natalia, Hadise, Sweet Coffee, Leki, etc.
Peter Schneider also pursues his own band projects. Due to his interest in African music, he works with a lot of different African bands and artists from all over the world such as Elhadji n’diaye Rose, Papa Boni and Kundi Bora, Pas Mal+, Sophie Stations, Jally and more

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