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Roland SchwabRoland Schwab

Roland Schwab

IIt could be said that every child in Switzerland and beyond knows – or has heard - Roland Schwab.
As an author and producer, he has put an amazing number of children´s CDs on the market in the German-speaking countries – and they sell very well. The multi-instrumentalist and music therapist is also considered to be a welcome and highly esteemed lecturer, guest and teacher at the most varied institutions.

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Professional Activities

Multi-instrumentalist, percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Instruments with an  excellent sound and outstanding design. Broad range of products. Constantly developing and improving. Relatively small company with a nice staff, who is always willing to help and answer requests.

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon 2inOne dual


Musical Style

Music for children, various styles, Bossanova


Leierchischte, various projects, workshop programme “Percussion in the kindergarden”, “MIKURS” – the successful rhythm training course for everybody who wants to make music together with children – and for children. Further information:

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

SK30 Shorty Shaker
Shorty Shaker
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TA3 Bolsa de transporte
Gigbag para cajón
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Bolsa para cajón TA12 «Mochila»
Mochila para cajón
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