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Simon KnoblauchSimon Knoblauch

Simon Knoblauch

With a sound derived from the pulse of their native Denmark and honed in and around New York Cities’ Union Square, Brothers Moving is the result of four young, travelling musicians trying to lighten the load of constant road rambling through music. Built on no special concept or genre, their first street show found the group fresh, with no set list, no defined aesthetic, not even a name.

The Brothers’ music is the result of playing in the streets, where a marked value placed on mobility, enigmatic energy, ingenuity, and simplicity will always remain the cornerstones of solid performance. Rooted in the folk, funk, soul, rock & blues they love, it is the pure and raw result of impulse and creativity happening when four brothers pick up their instruments and let the rest go.

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Professional Activities

Drummer in Brothers Moving

Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk offers the best sounding cajons on the market. I've tried several other brands, but always return to Schlagwerk for the combination of strong kick and crisp snare that I cannot find anywhere else.

Favourite Instrument?

I play the 2in1 Deluxe Makassar model. I enjoy the agility and versatility of the drum.

Musical Style

Folk, Rock, Acoustic


Brothers Moving

How to Mic?

I've tried different setups, but my favorite for larger gigs is a kick drum mic in the back and a snare mic for the front. An AKG D112 mic about 5 cm outside the back hole will pick up a cool kick punch. The Shure SM57 snare mic for the front makes sure to recreate that crispy snare I like.

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

CP432 Cajon 2inOne "deluxe" Makassar
Deluxe Makassar
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