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Jan WolfkampJan Wolfkamp

Jan Wolfkamp

Jan Wolfkamp is a Dutch drummer/percussionist/loopist who studied classical percussion and jazz at the conservatory.
After finishing his studies he performed in various theater music productions, including Jenny Arean, Robert Paul, Robert Long, Macbeth, Big Band Bodycheck, Alleen op de Wereld, Purper, Ernest Beuving and ‘de Bende van Beuving’.
With his solo project Pads Alloud! he released two CD albums.
He played in several duo line-ups including bassplayer Michael Manring, Indian flutist Ronu Majumdar, percussionist Marcel van Cleef and Stick-player Greg Howard.

He combines acoustic and electronic drums into live looping.
As a soloist he performed at several percussion festivals.

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Professional Activities

Live and studio drummer, percussionist, composer

Why Schlagwerk?

Great instruments! Perfect sound.
Very innovative products.
The Skin Udu was the first instrument that combines an Udu with a skin!

Favourite Instrument?

Skin Udu

Musical Style

Jazz Pop Worldmusic Theater


Solo project Pads Alloud.
Percussion Duo Wolfkamp & van Cleef.
Bende van Beuving (Theater,) Wolfkamp Jazz kwartet (with Herman Nijkamp)

How to mic

Skin Udu: Countryman Isomax 2 Omnidirectional - built inside
Cajon: Sure Beta 91 (inside)


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