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Tobias Klee Tobias Klee

Tobias Klee

At the early age of four, Tobias Klee fell in love with a tin drum while visiting a fun fair. Less than two years later, he received his first lesson in early rhythmic education. As a matter of course, being a member of the obligatory school band was part of his years of musical apprenticeship as well as attending workshops and master classes and founding various bands and ensembles.
A classic teacher training course did not prevent him from continuing to be a musician. Quite the contrary: In the meantime he has become a member of the Landesfachkonferenz and is chairman of the school curriculum planners for “Music in Elementary School” in the Saarland.
Furthermore, he works as a percussion teacher for children, youths and adults and as an advisor in rhythm pedagogics for the teachers´ training institutes  ILF and LPM in cooperation with the VDS. As an enthusiastic drummer, he participates in various live music projects and studio recordings.

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Professional Activities

Teacher, drummer and cajon player, book author, member of LFK and chairman of LPK “Music in Elementary School” (Saarland), advisor for LPM and ILF

Why Schlagwerk?

… in my opinion, Schlagwerk instruments are the best option for a natural, original and flexible approach to drumming. As a teacher, playing the cajon offers me the possibility of making my students experience “rhythm” in a creative way, feel it in an immediate manner and, thus, comprehend it as a whole.

Favourite Instrument?

At school and workshops: Cajon la Perú, 2inOne, Hip Box, Wooden Bongos, Cajinto and various small percussion instruments (claves, shaker and the like);
On the stage: 2inOne, Cajon la Perú, Booster Set (supplemented by various cymbals and Roland SPDs), several small percussion instruments (according to the requirements of the gig.

Musical Style

From “classroom hit songs” at school up to current R&B or soul numbers, from acoustic rock and pop music to traditional latin grooves (samba, bossanova,…) and flamenco (buleria, rumba,…)


“Taconeo”, “Feinkost!”, “Soulful-Christmas”, “’Schlagfertig”, “Magic Voices unplugged” and many music projects more

How to mic

For my cajons (Cajon “2inOne” & Cajon la Perú – burl wood), I use two different microphone setups:
a) JTS-CX-508 condenser or AKG D 11 attached to the sound hole (swan-neck clamp mic) – to be heard well in live situations, also on large stages;
b) Neumann TLM-103 and a boundary layer mic (Audiotechnica AT-871-R) are the two mics I use in the studio. According to availability, the Neumann mic can either be attached to the front and/or backside & the boundary layer at the front.

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