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Andreas NeubauerAndreas Neubauer

Andreas Neubauer

Andreas Neubauer plays the way he lives, colourfully and without limits. Born in Istanbul, he studied at the Drummers´ Collective in New York and is now at home in two cities simultaneously – in Paris and in Frankfurt. He has been a Schlagwerk endorser since 2010.
As a drummer and percussionist, he moves between jazz and groove music and has worked, among other things, with Glashaus, Sabrina Setlur, Jon Hammond, Barry Finnerty, HR Big Band, Schauspiel Frankfurt, RTL Nachtshow and Barbara Dennerlein.
He has recently participated in CD recordings for Ringsgwandl, Ivan Santos and the Hesse Projekt. He operates the drumtrax studio for drumset and percussion recordings.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

They manufacture good instruments and, time and again, come up with wonderful new ideas

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon la Perú® and Yambú Travel

Musical Style

Jazz, soul, pop

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Endorser playsEndorser plays

SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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YD444 Yambú Travel Skinwood black
Yambú Travel
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