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Gerhard Reiter

The Austrian Gerhard Reiter´s professional development is not exactly what you would call the epitome of a classic career in music: The recorder was followed by the piano, but then, having barely turned 18, Gerhard fell in love with the tabla and, without further ado, left his home country to follow the traces of Indian rhythm instruments.
His thirst for knowledge could not be satisfied. He started studying Musicology, Indology, Ethnology and Romance Languages and Literature in Vienna, Austria. In Egypt, he set out in search of HIS darabukka; and for quite some time, study trips and training periods in Bombay, Cairo and Havana determined his diary.,
Havana aroused his interest in Afro-Cuban percussion instruments and, thus, also in the cajon.
Gerhard Reiter´s professional motto “Share your knowledge!” induced him, together with a friend, to initiate the specialist magazine “Drums & Percussion”. In the early 1980´s the first issue was published, and Gerhard Reiter acted as an editor for the magazine from 1982 until 1987.
Gerhard Reiter has always been very successful in many fields of work. He has composed incidental music, he has made scientific educational films, he has held various teaching assignments, he set up the “TABLA” school, he can be heard on many a sound carrier and he has produced a number of instructional books and DVDs himself.

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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk produces a host of high-quality instruments. I consider Schlagwerk cajons to be the best worldwide. I am especially fascinated by the company´s creativity in developing additional sound instruments such as their Jingles for frame drums, Side Kick, and so on.

Favourite Instrument?

The cajon is certainly the instrument I use most frequently, but I also constantly employ the mounting brackets for frame drums.

Musical Style

World music, Balkan music, Arab music, flamenco, salsa


Current band projects: Jazzwa (Balkan music mix), Dunya (Arab-style flamenco), Melange Africaine (Afro-Arab), Nathalie Brun (chansons)

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