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Hilko SchomerusHilko Schomerus

Hilko Schomerus

In the year 1982, Hilko Schomerus´ passion for the world of percussion was awakened. After acquiring a wealth of experience as an autodidact in various bands performing in the region surrounding his home town of Freden / Leine, he ended up studying at the Hanover-based Percussion Academia led by Freddie Santiago. Numerous field trips took him, among other things, to West Africa, Venezuela and Indonesia.
As a studio and live musician, he has often been booked to work together with artists such as Randy Crawford, Quincy Jones, DJ Bobo, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Bootsie Collins, Fred Wesley, Phil Collins, Cultured Pearls, Roachford, Echt, Mousse T., Inga Rumpf, Roger Cicero, Max Mutzke, Guildo Horn, NDR Big Band and many more.
Whenever he is not on tour, at the studio or composing music scores for movies (such as the soundtrack of “Mongol”), he works as a lecturer at various academies and universities.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

The absolutely best complement and most perfect alternative to skin instruments

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon, Crash Box

Musical Style

Rock, pop, soul, funk, etc


Randy Crawford, Mousse T. , Dj Bobo, Inga Rumpf, NDR Big Band, BV Orchestra, Fury itS, Roger Cicero, Soulounge, Lamont Dozier, Bootsie Collins, Fred Wesley, Echt and much more.

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Yambú Peruano
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Double Shaker
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