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Marcio Doctor

Marcio Doctor studied percussion, drumset and piano, among others with Mark Nauseef, Trilok Gurtu, Glen Velez and Trichy Sankaran in his home town Buenos Aires in Argentina.
As a soloist, a permanent member of the NDR big band or as a studio and live musician, Marcio has often been booked to perform together with countless international music stars such as Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Abdulah Ibrahim, Lionel Hampton, Maria Schneider, Kenny Wheeler, Michael Gibbs, Al Jarreau, João Bosco, Bobby McFerrin, Tim Hagans, Nils Landgren, Alex Acuña, Trilok Gurtu and many more.
He received the Grammy Award for his solo performance on the CD “Some Skunk Funk”. He has also composed music for several jazz ensembles, theaters, movies, radio features and contemporary dance projects.
Marcio's artistic development is especially characterized by his intensive studies of various ethnomusical traditions. He belongs to a new generation of percussionists who feel at home with a broad variety of musical situations without losing their own “voice”.

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Professional Activities

Percussionist and composer

Why Schlagwerk?

The warm sound and fine craftsmanship of the Frame Drums

Favourite Instrument?

Frame Drumsv

Musical Style

Jazz, world music, music for movies


NDR Big Band, TangoCrash

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RTTAM Tamburello
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vai al prodotto

RTS 61 accordabile con barra di sostegno a croce
Tamburo a cornice RTS 61
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vai al prodotto



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