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Professional Activities

Drummer - Schlagwerk acoustic set-up

Why Schlagwerk?

Inventive and creative way of developing instruments that fit in different situations like the Yambú, the Cajinto, etc. The integration of shakers and tambourines. Schlagwerk helps the musician think outside the box, and that is exactly what I need to be able to serve the artists I work for.


Favourite Instrument?

The Yambú. As it provides me with a sound similar to that of a bass drum and, when I play it with my hands, also to that of a snare drum. The big difference compared with a traditional cajon is that I can sit right up, which makes it easier for me to sing - and I can still use my feet. I can even add a bass drum system or tambourine or cowbell.

Musical Style

Let's say mainly pop, but in a very wide variety: from rock to funk and jazzy fusion, and from gospel to blues and traditional.


Drummer and MD for Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Session drummer for Hayley Sanderson and other artists. Still playing in Belgium, my country of origin, with Paul Michiels - Soulsister

Additionally, I teach at the famous Drumtech School of London.

How to mic

In the beginning I used a Shure Beta 91a and put the Yambú on top of it. Once the band goes a little loud, however, it is difficult to control, and it captures more bass and not enough attack. So I drilled a hole at the height of the handle of the Yambú and built a Sennheiser 604 inside the instrument, pointing upwards. This is the perfect spot to capture everything. Maybe it would be a good idea to provide for some kind of microphone clamp inside or even a microphone thread. This way you can mount any clamp inside the instrument and choose your preferred mic.

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